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We collect expert knowledge in machines To keep people light on their feet

Our Philosophy

We believe that embracing machine learning in any core business is necessary to prepare for the world of tomorrow.

Enhancing your business with sustainable solutions & mindful development.

Our Services

Data Scraping

Data Scraping

Data Analysis

Data Analysis & Data Visualization

Custom Machine Learning Solutions

Custom Machine Learning Solutions


Software & Hardware Solutions

App Development

App Development


Complementary A.I.

Using Artificial Intelligence we can help any business or individual save time and augment their capabilities. 

Any routine can be automated using A.I. and expert knowledge can be modeled using Machine Learning. 

Data-driven products and services are proven to create safer and more sustainable solutions. 


Real Estate

Although real estate trends are highly speculative, Artificially Intelligent predictive- and monitoring tools are the best assistants one can wish for.



Healthcare processes are unquestionably suited for optimization by automation. Standardized processes can be optimized and work as catalysts for generating useful data.



Together we can find ways to reduce waste, improve logistics & crowd control, ultimately creating a more pleasurable experience for organizers and visitors.


Your Business

Tedious simple routines are bad for your wellbeing and should and can be automated. Increase your productivity using smart digital assistants.

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About Us

We’re a team of Artificial Intelligence academics with an entrepreneurial mindset, based in Amsterdam. Our love for technology, mindfulness, and our natural instinct for business transformation brought us together.

We work closely with the University of Amsterdam and do as much work as research to provide excellent state-of-the-art solutions. 

We believe that forming a bridge between science and practice will evoke a new class of businesses, built on strong AI and smart solutions.


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Ajar A.I. Consulting is based in the heart of Amsterdam.

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